Happy postcrossing!

What’s your hobby? A basic questionI have been asked since I was a little kid and the only answer (at least for 15 years) is “reading”. Even I consciously know that reading is not my favourite hobby, but what’s it?

Reading is one of many activities I often do when I am “totally” free but if not, I don’t want to open even a page of it! Both my brain and heart say stop that and relax with other activities, please. This is why I still question myself with “What really is my favourite hobby?”

After years passed, one thing came in, not new but I called the unique one, I happily accepted that it draws my smile. “POSTCARD”

Starting from my aunt who always send me a postcard (as she is now in Germany and further my interest by asking a British to be my Pen pal. Unfortunately, writing postcards answers all my questions. The incoming postcards from around the world not only make me some new friends but also run me around this world with their words and information, not just from writers but another idea from locals.


I knew http://www.postcrossing.com from someone twitter and was interested so I begin my first postcard swapping with 5 receivers (as limited) from The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, China and Germany. With the same pattern of writing and postcards, I am not sure that they would like them or not.


After 12 days, my first postcards reached The Netherlands and the receiver sounds enjoy my card. Well, I was so glad and I further my writing which, of course, inspired me to learn more about Thai History and Culture.


What I gain more from sending postcards? – The pen pals

I got more pen pals from Malaysia, The United Kingdom , India, and Latvia. The point is how could I know the Latvian, if not traveling aboard? – By postcard, I could run my dream knowing countries, people, cultures and languages.


The stamps


Stamps tell a brief history and current policy of countries. It’s wonderful that small pieces of paper can tell us more (than) thousands of words.


Thank you for all senders and receivers especially those guys who requested to swap with me directly, you fulfilled my dream and also inspired me.


Wanna join ? Welcome to http://www.postcrossing.com

Wanna swap? Kornwika10@gmail.com
Instagram @kooktfc

Happy Postcrossing http://www.postcrossing.com



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