A fine Wednesday

Good Wednesday evening!
Today will be such an ordinary work-day if there is nothing happened but of course, there was.

It was almost planned by my boyfriend to visit my work place, Department of Consular Affairs .Even his mention was not at my division , he and also his lovely mother wanted to have their own passport,I still feel a bit excited.

In the morning, I wear my pinky short with my confidence dress. I tried hard to set my hair but it was not succeed.

I imagined how today will be …
Will he come?
Will he love the way I dress?
Will we have lunch together?

Then at 10:00 hrs. , he made me a phone call ,he was lost.
Let’s me describe this , The Government Complex of Thailand which is located in Nonthaburi province have such many buildings and yes, my bf went to the wrong one but that doesn’t ruin the day after he found the right building .
Accepting new passport for Thai citizen is very easy and fast, only half of hour and takes 2 days long to get the passport book.

My bf made me the second call after he had everything done with his passport then we went to see his mother.

Lunch time , we went to A building ,I had some vegetarian food and my bf had some noodle. He bought me a bottle of orange juice and some chocolate. It’s awesome !!!

After work, I went to see my dentist then went to The Mall Bang Kapi to buy new shoe for my commencement on the first day of August.

Today is just a Wednesday but the day was such fine and I was fulfilled by many things. It was a “fantastic” day !!

PS. Je t’aime , mon copain, nutto :3


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