The commencement ceremony : a day of mine

I just – newly graduated student with a Bachelor’s degree of Political Science from Thammasat University.

In Thailand, and also in many countries, there is a gigantic ceremony after graduation , a commencement ceremony …
In the past,His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was the president of every public university and also bestowed a degree , hand-to-hand to each graduated student. This ceremony will be (just) a chance for people to meet his/her King and they together will have a live speech directly from Him.
Like my mom and dad who once were in this kind of ceremony 25 years ago , a memorable moment receiving a degree from the King is still alive!
Time run fast and now each university has their own new president for an annual ceremony , some universities such as mine, will be bestowed by
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.

What should I prepare for this exciting day?
First, the academic gown of my university
I decide not to buy because I’m lack of money and I don’t think I will have the second chance wearing it so I spent about 2300 Baht rented it from a shop nearby my university.
My gown is fully black with a piece of cloth – neat-decided- laid on my left shoulder and this will have my university’s symbol on it. Each faculty will have their own cloth’s colour.
My Political Science ? Black !!

Second, A new pair of shoe
A black neat and unfurnished shoe will be recommended and for girls , wearing a highed- heel shoe is a shouldn’t thing or else an accident could happened in walking processes.
I bought a new pair of this in 700 Baht cost.

Third, face and hair designer
Because in the rehearsal and on the ceremony day, taking photos will be the first and foremost activities , not only with family but also with friends so being an attractive person is also important.
Some friends of mine , girls, have to pay more than a thousand per day for this girlish beauty but for me, my father’s girlfriend will help me on this.

The last, for the preparation is a well ” photographer”
As I had told you , on the ceremony you have to get maybe up-to hundreds captures in a day, a well photographer who could imagine acts and nice captures is also a thing to be considered.
My photographer costs me one dinner on his birthday 🙂 That’s fantastic!

I feel excited for the day !!
My rehearsal will be on the 27th of July 2013.
My commencement ceremony will be on the 1st of August 2013

I’ll be appreciate to see you on those days , welcome !

Ps. Congratulations to the new graduates !!

My first photo wearing the gown , taken by @k13elle :3



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