How to legalise your document in Thailand?

Have you ever deal with kinds of Official document ? Especially when you have to use as a documentary evidence aboard .
Most of official document which you preferred to use aboard have to be translated to that country language and also have to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When do document have to be certified?

1). Thai official document which you want a “certify true copy” to use aboard
2). Translated document from Thai-original official document
3). Document from aboard , certified by the original – country embassy in Thailand , that you want to use in Thailand
4). Document with Thai -people signature

If you want to certify your document ,you have to visit Legalisation division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is located on Chang Watthana Road.

To certify the document, if you come by yourself, remind that you have to bring all original document with you and also a copy of your passpord/ ID card(for Thai citizen)
For document which come from aboard, have to be certified by the Embassy of the country which document was publiched.

If you are not able to come by yourself, you need to write a Power of Attorney attached with your passport’s copy and also one of an attorney.

If you come to certified your parent or child’s document , you need an official document which shows your relationship.

Translated document have to be “certified correct translation” by the translator and suggest you to re-check your name-surname’s spelling and the correction of numbers.

In normal service, it takes 2 days long to certify your document but MFA also has an express line. (The papers will be ready in a day, but may takes 4 or 5 hours long)
The extra line with extra fee opens from 8:00-12.00hrs. but with 30 applications limited for translation document so if you are in a hurry please be prepared and arrived at the division at 8:00 hrs.

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