My Saturday 200713

Today is the first day of Thailand’s long weekend, first day of 4 days in row public holiday !!

I don’t have any plan for these days even I preferred to let myself to the beach. I abandoned,telling myself that I am not used to crowded places so I -til now- am in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a city with “traffic jam” especially in rush hours which may take you more than an hour moving a kilometer but for this long holiday, Bangkok seems to be heaven for the Bangkok – people who didn’t plan to travel away.

Today, I went to see my friend and enjoyed reading books – for his mid-term exam and my first exam for being a public servant. I didn’t do well on reading , didn’t pay my concentrate on books,didn’t what worked hard on it. My friend told me that the exam I have to take is not too hard for me. Thanks , I feel a lot better !

After a day passed, I went for a little celebration at Swensen’s as my lovely friend knew that I love Ice-cream !! It’s a wonderful time.

Then we went to a patisserie called ” Duc de Praslin Belgium” , he bought me macaroons and chocolates. Thanks ❤

Even it was a simple Saturday in Bangkok but my day has been fulfilled with his sweets and made today a memorial day.

Thanks my @k13elle

Have a good weekend and bon voyage !


My partner who cheers me up and fulfills my life ❤


damn sweet yummy macaroons


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