Examination after the graduation

Next Sunday, I have to test myself with an annual national test , the first step to be public servant. According to my degrees , this test seems to be one important thing after graduation.

The examination includes 2 subjects : Math and Thai language with no reason why these twos are most important to be evaluated.

In Mathematics field, mainly evaluate the lower secondary Math’s skill with basic logical test.

For Thai language, hard one for me, sounds like working on TOEFL examination : grammar, vocabulary, reading.

I had read some previous tests as examples and practiced doing some exercises with a bit confident, I may can pass this exam easily.
I hope so.

Even I pass this first step, I have to admit applications to the government sectors which I want to work in . After that second test about each position and sector will be evaluate and the process will ended with a job interview.

Being public servants or government officers don’t gain much money as working in private sector but with a stable status in society and money after the retirement, many people still want to have this job.



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