Suan Pakkad Palace museum , an unseen place in Bangkok

Today, I went to Suan Pakkad Palace museum, a place I had never known that there is a museum located in!

“Suan Pakkad” itself means a cabbage garden , land of cabbages planted in, I guess.

Now , it’s the site of the palace where was a residence of Prince Chumbhot Paribatra of Nagor Svarga who is a grandson of King Chulalongkorn.

There are 8 main buildings where became a museum which I visited today, the first 4 (called house 1-4) were built with traditional Thai architectural structure ,are located between the front palace and the main garden, in the centre. These fours were reconstructed in 1952 after that it had been opened for public as museum.
House 5-8 which is located in the west is also built in Thai style. The Chumbhot -Pantip Centre of Arts was added in 1996 as Ban Chiang collection gallery.

House 1
Itself, is a two-storeyed house, on the ground floor opens as the Prince Paribatra Music Room, showing the Thai musical instruments. On the second floor , displays collections of artifacts from several periods of Southeast Asia.
I didn’t enter this part because of the limit of time but I read the information from museum’s brochure.

House 2
An exhibition room on the first floor contains valuable items such as rocks and minerals. Upper one is displaying rare items such as furniture painting with gold and black lacquer.

House 3
This house is a place where displays Model of a Thai throne Bangkok style or called Busabok.

House 4
This house is showing the Buddha images from several periods of Thai history and also some paintings.

House 5
House 5-8 ‘s upper part is occasionally close and you can only see things from downward.

House 6
Ground floor is showing Knon masks , called Khon museum. Khon is one of the upper class of traditional dancing in Thailand with it’s difficulties.

I went to this museum and met many tourists from France, Japan and China. I felt glad with the tour guide who could speak several languages.

This museum open daily except on the 8th of March and 5 th of December. It’s located not far from BTS Phaya Thai , opposite of The Sukosol hotel.

Fee : 100 Baht for foreigners , 50 Baht for the Thais and 20 Baht for students

PS. I had bought 19 postcards of Khon
masks in 150 Baht. That made this place superb for me 🙂



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