Warm bodies

After I spent a week with a romantic novel, Warm bodies, I dramatically dreamed about zombies three days in row.

“Warm bodies ” is a novel of Isaac Marion with an amazing romantic zombie you will ever think of.

Warm bodies book after the film was on air in cinemas

I first have known Warm bodies from cinemas, leading with a handsome zombie and maybe because Nicholas Hoult is such attractive , I am addicted in this movie and it’s a reason why I’d bought this book.

Like every movie which plotted by the master novel, the original book is much more unexpected attractive.

In the movie , the story runs faster with lesser details, I didn’t feel the pains , the sadness and the warmth which I could feel when I read the novel.

Reading this novel can also improve the reading skill with not – very very – hard vocabularies , with easy forms of writing, easily to understand.

Try it then you will love zombies than ever !!

Even R has no life , no memory but he has a dream , big one to change his world from dark to peace without leads this world against the wars

PS. Now I have to prepare myself for the IELTS and the hardest part for me is “WRITING” . I really want to improve my skill so I will try to update my blog daily and if there is any comment , I would appreciate to know it. Thanks for reading !!


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