My writing’s problems

I tried to write even writing is not my amazing hobby! I always get stuck when I found out some topics and of course, always ended with nothing.
What are the writers inspired by? How can they could finish their writings ?
I read many kinds of book and asked myself ” How can I be good like this?” And with no answers , I often gave up and stopped those drafts with endless ends.

I start my writing with topics , hundreds of them then choose one which I like most.
After that, start to list out some main idea and also important details.
These steps aren’t my problem! First thing that annoyed me is I can’t think of vocabularies that HAVE to be used in each sentences, it’s hard to express what I really want to say then I get stuck !

Worrying about grammar is my second problem. If you have read my previous posted, you would knew that my English grammar is such in a damn trouble.
I first , studied english with speaking lessons and never ever knew about the grammar until I was in Matthayom 1 (Grade 7) then what had happened to me ’til now is to be confused with how to use the right form of tense in sentences.

Third, is a way to put all details to perfect sentences and to arrange them into a good paragraph. With many addition details and important words I want to write down , I can’t arrange them properly. I sometimes want to write everything but with these confusion, I can’t write more.

I know that writing is my worst skill in every languages I had studied and I usually try to write something , maybe writing dairy , blog or sometimes postcards and hope my writing level will be better.


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